Are you aged between 16 and 25 and about to become homeless?


To be eligible for accommodation at CHYP you should be between 16 and 25 years old, single and without dependent children. You should be prepared to engage with staff support and work towards an agreed support plan.  You need to be capable of living in shared accommodation with others and willing to keep to our conditions of occupancy.


We are unable to accept people who are currently dependent on alcohol or illegal substances, registered sex offenders or convicted arsonists.  We might be unable to accept people with a history of violence – but this would be discussed at interview.


How to apply


Come and meet us

Everyone is welcome to come and have a look around and meet our staff and residents before applying for accommodation.  Just call us on (01285) 651227, email us on, or come and see us  to arrange a ‘walk & talk’.


Get an application pack

We will give you an application pack with lots of useful information as well as an application form.  

Don't worry we can help you complete your form,  we can usually do this during your visit.


Click here to view forms


Bring your application back and get an interview date

As soon as we receive your completed application form we will contact you to arrange an assessment interview.


Come to your assessment interview

This will take around an hour, but we try and keep it informal and you are welcome to bring a friend, family member or someone from another organisation with you.  There is a lot to get through but this is important so that we can make sure that CHYP is right for you and we can meet your needs.


If we can help you

We are usually able to make our decision within 24 hours of your assessment interview.  We will then be able to tell you how many priority points have been awarded to your application.

We accommodate applicants in order of priority so its important that you tell us straight away if your circumstances change after your assessment interview. When we have a vacancy for you we will contact you with a sign-up date to come and do your paperwork and a date to move in.


Click here to download the leaflet explaining what we offer at CHYP


Click here to download the leaflet explaining the support we offer at CHYP