Cirencester Housing for Young People (Chyp) was established in 1986 to help vulnerable  young homeless people, aged 16 to 25,  in and around the Cirencester area.  We provide stable housing with support services to enable our residents to develop independent living skills and realise their full potential. 


Who we help

No young person is homeless without something going seriously wrong in their life at some point.  Each young person has their own unique set of problems requiring individual attention.  Most importantly they need somebody they can trust and rely on, often for the first time in their lives, that's where Chyp comes in.  


We help young people who are homeless or in ‘housing need’, this might  be for any number of reasons.



The need for help

Since 1986 Chyp has helped over 500 young people. There are increasing numbers of homeless young people, particularly in the 16-18 year age group due to rising number of family breakdowns and those leaving care aged 16 who are unprepared for independent living. SHELTER has highlighted the Cotswolds as one of the least affordable areas in the UK in which to live due to the large gap between average earnings and housing costs. Landlords will not accommodate under 18s because they cannot legally enter into a tenancy agreement. There is also a severe lack of affordable housing.


CHYP has demonstrated that intensive support at this early stage can improve the life skills and employability of these young people preventing the slide back into homelessness and benefit dependency.


What we do

Our residents come from a variety of different backgrounds. Many have additional problems such as previously undiagnosed learning difficulties and mental health issues. At Chyp we realise there is much more to helping these people than simply providing a roof over their heads.


Each of our clients has a dedicated key worker who works closely with them to identify their support needs. Staffed 24 hours a day, our house at Querns Lane provides a high level of support for seven young people. 


During their stay the residents will learn how to look after themselves and  start preparing for life in their own home. Help is given with life skills from self care, cooking and laundry, to literacy, numeracy and budgeting. Their key worker is also there to provide crucial emotional support.


We help with things like



As residents become more confident and their skills grow, they are moved to our “next steps” accommodation in Ashcroft Road which houses four people. Here the level of support is lower as residents are encouraged to learn to become more independent. 


We work with them to locate appropriate further education, work experience or training placements leading to employment and eventually to independent living.


However, the help offered by Chyp does not stop when a young person moves into their own home since floating support continues. Many young people who were helped in the early days of the charity still maintain contact from time to time. 

For many young people Chyp is the nearest thing they have to a family.


Without our help these young people might never live a normal and independent life.


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 and here is our very own CHYP poem about "sofa surfing"


Sofa surfing sounds exotic

But it’s a bad life that’s really chaotic

The fact is I don’t have a home

Not even a room with a bed of my own

My parents never wanted me

Dad disappeared when I was three

Mum said having me had ruined her life

She had no freedom, just work and strife

Gran tried to help and that was kind

But the two of them argued all the time

I couldn’t understand why I was so bad

I felt so awful, I always felt sad

I was always the last one collected from school

But I hid my feelings and played the fool

When mum went out I was left in the flat

I got very frightened I didn’t like that

I had lots of uncles who never stayed long

Mum said it was my fault things always went wrong

I wanted to please her I really did

But whatever I did I was just the bad kid

I couldn’t bring friends back to play at home

Mum said it was noisy and she would moan

At school it was hard to concentrate

When you’re sad inside and life’s not great

I didn’t do well in any exams

So I have no job, no hope, no plans

Mum’s boyfriend says it’s him or me

So she made me leave and now she’s free

They are moving to a nice new flat

No room for me there, so that’s that

A mate took me in just for the night

I slept on the sofa and it was all right

But 8 sofas later I’m feeling the strain

My mates are so helpful, I mustn’t complain

I want to stop moving and sleep in a bed

Try to get all these bad thoughts out of my head

Many are like me I am not alone

So please support CHYP and help me find a home

written by Sandra Price


Copyright  March 2012  CIRENCESTER HOUSING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE Registered charity number 299821